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Tenuta Fenice Nero d’Avola (2023) 750ml (14% ABV)

Tenuta Fenice Nero d’Avola (2023) 750ml (14% ABV)

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This rich, barrel-aged Nero d’Avola is a tribute to Dino Taschetta’s grandfather and his vineyard. An earthquake struck in 1968 and the vines were abandoned until Dino nursed them back to life. Now the grapes make this rich, blackberry-spiced red.

Tasting notes: Velvety and dense with vibrant cherry and berry and rich spice

Aroma: Bountiful, ripe blackberry, spice and liquorice scents

In 1968 western Sicily was rocked by an earthquake. Such was the devastation, residents of Poggioreale had no choice but to abandon their properties and rebuild further down the hill. Whole settlements became ghost towns overnight. This included Dino’s grandfather’s Nero d’Avola vineyards. 50 years on, Dino set out to recover his grandfather’s lost plot of land. He found it wild and uncultivated, yet producing jewel-like grapes with amazing flavour. In 2017 he made his first ‘revived’ vintage which proved a sensation with customers. It’s pure Nero d’Avola, a Sicilian grape, fast becoming a fashionable pick in smart restaurants across the UK. Dino’s creation is packed with rich black fruits and spice. A top choice with sausage casserole.

Allergy information: Contains Sulphites

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