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Kay Gees Off Licence

Siren Craft Maiden 2020 375ml Nrb Bottled on 09/02/2021

Siren Craft Maiden 2020 375ml Nrb Bottled on 09/02/2021

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Siren Craft say:

Maiden was the first beer ever brewed at Siren and is the first new batch brewed each year. It was always designed to represent everything we’re about as a brewery; creativity, experimentation, good fun, and most importantly, great beer. Maiden is a labour of love. Our American style Barley Wine is aged in a variety of spirit and wine barrels, before being blended back together with a percentage of fresh beer, to create that year’s vintage. The barrels that have been used are left with 10% aged beer in them before being topped up with fresh Maiden, in what is a form of the Solera system. This means every vintage can be a totally different creation, despite coming from the exact same base. Likewise it has the potential to improve over time, as each and every year we have additional depth and complexity to call on from the barrels as time goes by.

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