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Rizla Rolling Machine Premier Metal

Rizla Rolling Machine Premier Metal

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Rizla Premier metal cigarette rolling machines are an excellent rolling machine and replace the old Rizla rolling machines with the green blind. Rizla rolling machines make rolling the perfect cigarette much easier. They are suitable for using with regular size 70mm cigarette rolling papers, and can be used with or without a filter tips.

The rolling machine is a sturdy construction with a die cast base and a blue rolling blind which is strong and durable. Embossed on the front of the rolling machine is the Rizla+ logo.

The Rizla Premier rolling machine opens out with a scissor action and the tobacco is spread evenly along the roller and then closed. The roller is then given a full turn, the paper is inserted and the roller rotated to pull the paper in and then rolled again to produce the perfect roll up. It is very easy to use and will produce perfect cigarettes every time you use it.

Rolling machines are an excellent investment especially for a new comer to rolling your own cigarettes and are best suited for use with green packet papers which have cut corners.

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