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OPI MALBEC (2023) 75cl (13% ABV)

OPI MALBEC (2023) 75cl (13% ABV)

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This gorgeous red blazed a name for itself on the world stage when its debut vintage was named ‘Best Malbec of Argentina’. That is some feat in a country that’s world renowned for the quality of its Malbec wines. Velvet smooth with ripe black fruit.

Tasting notes: Intense, full flavoured black fruit with smooth tannins. Juicy

Aroma: Dark bramble fruit, blackcurrants, hints of violets and spice

Allergy information: Contains Sulphites

As one of the most exciting talents in Argentina, Rodolfo Sadler (aka Opi) is the magician behind this bestselling hero red. He’s a gentle, affable man, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, yet modest to a fault. When asked to tell us his secret to making such great wines (he has two permanently in our Top 20!), he simply shrugged and said, “this is how my family has always made wine.” Typical Opi, the humble, crafty magician. And why Opi? The nickname came from his childhood when his little sister would follow him round the family vineyards calling ‘Opi, Opi’ as she couldn’t pronounce his name. Now 40 years on and an internationally renowned winemaker, the name’s stuck! We recommend this with a juicy grilled steak or a hearty casserole.

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