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Jever Pilsener 330ml can Best Before 03.08.2024

Jever Pilsener 330ml can Best Before 03.08.2024

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Jever say:

The special mix of the best brewing water and high-quality hops makes our Jever so frisian-tart and refreshing at the same time!

We only use the best brewing water to ensure the Frisian bitter taste. To this end, Theodor Fetköter had a line laid to the brewery 4 km from Jever as early as 1898. The special thing about our brewing water is that it contains little lime and is therefore particularly soft.

Soft water is an important property for making a high quality, lean Pilsener. Since our water is naturally soft and pure, it allows us to add more hops, which creates the unique Frisian-tart taste.

We achieve the unique taste by adding more of our high-quality hops during production. This ensures that special, frisian-bitter enjoyment – in numbers, there are 40 bitter units.

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