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Jack Ratt Lugger Golden Rum – 8 Year Old 70cl

Jack Ratt Lugger Golden Rum – 8 Year Old 70cl

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Lugger Golden Rum is a gorgeous sipping rum, many years in the making. A carefully considered blend of 8 Year Old Barbados Rum, 8YO Dominican Republic Rum, 8YO Venezuela Rum and 8YO Panama Rum.

It is a blend of mainly column still molasses bases – apart from the 8YO Dominican Republic Rum which is a cane juice base and the Barbados Rum which is a column still with partly pot still.

The final blend is aged in ex-Bourbon wooden casks which gives Lugger Golden Rum lovely wood notes on the nose and a rich rum character. It has a wonderfully smooth front palate with a lingering finish and gentle heat.

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