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Fosters Proper Shandy (3% ABV) 440ml

Fosters Proper Shandy (3% ABV) 440ml

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Beer with Natural Flavouring.

Ultimate combination of tasty and refreshing.
Delicious blend offering refreshment for all occasion.
3% ABV.
A well known serve now available in a can.
Pack contains 4 x 440ml ring pull drink cans.

Foster's Proper Shandy is the ultimate combination of tasty and refreshing. A well-balanced shandy with zesty and fruity lemon notes, followed by a smooth beer aftertaste. The easiest and tastiest way to enjoy a pub classic at home or out and about, without compromising on quality. At 3% ABV Foster's Proper Shandy is also ideal for those looking to moderate their drinking.

Alcohol By Volume: 3
Units: 1.3
Tasting Notes: An easy drinking well balanced beer, Foster's has a sweet, fruity flavour.
Serving Suggestion: Serve chilled.

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