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De Dolle Stille Nacht 330ml Bottle

De Dolle Stille Nacht 330ml Bottle

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De Dolle Brouwers say:

With Stille Nacht, available in Esen at De Dolle Brouwers, we offer a quality Christmas beer that you will enjoy, we are sure of it. Only Poperinge bubble hop is used. White candy mites provide the extra density.

What a beautiful name for a Christmas beer, by the way, even if we say so ourselves. And with a beautiful name comes an exclusive beer, from which a little more can be expected. A little more, that also means one of the heaviest densities of the wort: 22°PL.
Our traditional brewing room can process a large deposit of malt. We brew one brew a day, boil it in a copper boiler with a direct gas fire and cool it in the cooling vessel, also in copper.

Cooling is done with a Baudelot cooler and fermentation takes place in open copper fermentation vats. The lagering takes at least one month and the beer is secondary fermented in the bottle. The bottling date of this beer is indicated on the capsule.

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