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Weissenohe Eucharius Marzen 50cl (5.4% ABV) Best Before 25.04.24

Weissenohe Eucharius Marzen 50cl (5.4% ABV) Best Before 25.04.24

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A red gold Märzen beer, as the tradition of Märzen beers demands. Spicy in the drink with a hop aroma that plays around the palate as the opposite of the full-bodiedness.

The swing top on this classic beer brings back memories of old times before technology.
A traditional beer from the Weissenohe monastery brewery!

The name “Märzen” also comes from ancient times. In the past you could last brew bottom-fermented beer in March, for which you needed the low winter temperatures, because before the invention of ammonia cooling machines you had no way of cooling the beer down to the necessary 8-9 ° C in summer.
In addition, the last ice cream could be fetched from the surrounding ponds in March so that it would keep the storage cellars cool in summer.

Nevertheless, one knew from experience that a Märzen had to be helped a little to make it last longer.
That is why the brewers used a stronger brew for a Märzen, i.e. with a higher content of original wort and hops.
Today we know that hops suppress the undesirable lactic acid bacteria in beer and that alcohol inhibits almost all microorganisms, so that such beers do not turn sour as quickly.

At the same time, such a beer gets a correspondingly strong taste, which is typical for a Märzen.
The name goes without saying!

Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops

Goes well with: a hearty roast pork with lots of caraway seeds, carp, a fresh, warm Küchla

  • Original wort: P 13
  • Alcohol content: 5.2% vol.
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