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Kay Gees Off Licence

Tiny Rebel Whirly Dirly 33cl can

Tiny Rebel Whirly Dirly 33cl can

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Who can guess the adult animated science fiction sitcom that inspired this name…

“Hey, to new beginnings. To the Whirly Dirly. The Whirly Dirly? All right, what’s going on
here? When did you get cool?! When you stole my wife! I should have done that a long time ago! We’re going on the Whirly Dirly! Whirly Dirly baby!!”

Anyway… this pale ale is crammed full of DDH simcoe, sultana and mosaic hops that
complement each other by increasing the complex aromas of citrus, pine and mango. This
beer will be sure to take you on a journey to the Whirly Dirly! (whatever that is).

Serve Chilled, Drink Fresh.

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