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Kay Gees Off Licence

Shipyard American IPA 500ml

Shipyard American IPA 500ml

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ABV: 5.0%
See: deep gold
Smell: vibrant, citrus hop
Taste: Citrus fruit with grapefruit prominent
Handcrafted From a Family-owned Brewery

Alcohol Info: Alc vol 5.0% 5% alc./vol. Please enjoy responsibly UK Chief Medical Officers recommend that adults do not consume more than: 14 Units of alcohol a week Avoid alcohol if pregnant or if trying to conceive for the facts 2.5 UK units

Alcohol By Volume: 5.0
Units: 2.5
Tasting Notes: Citrus fruit with grapefruit prominent

Portland Maine USA From his family-owned brewery in the heart of Portland, Maine, famed for shipbuilding and ambitious world discovery, Fred Fordley drove the original American craft beer movement. His mission to this day; to take original American craft beer around the world making it accessible to everyone.

Manufacturers Address

Brewed by: Marston’s PLC, Wolverhampton, WV1 4JT, UK. Marston’s PLC, Via Scarlatti 26, 20124 Milano, Italy.

Return To of @shipyardbeeruk Marston’s PLC, Wolverhampton, WV1 4JT, UK.

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