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Primator Premium Czech Pilsner 500ml Canned 06/02/23

Primator Premium Czech Pilsner 500ml Canned 06/02/23

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The Czechs certainly know a thing or two when it comes to brewing. Made purely from the best natural ingredients, and matured patiently at 1°C to ensure maximum smoothness, this award-winning Bohemian lager will always leave you wanting another sip.

Highly regarded by connoisseurs in its Czech homeland, this smooth, award-winning premium Pilsner is exclusive to us in the UK. It’s from the town of Náchod, where they’ve been perfecting their brewing techniques for centuries. Made with finest malt from Moravia, hops from Zatec and purest natural spring water, Primátor has the kind of flavour and richness you just do not get in the British brewed megabrands! It has a strong, balanced flavour, sparkling gold colour and a classic, moreish bitterness on the taste. It is suitable for drinking anytime, and while locals in the Czech Republic would enjoy it with the surprisingly tasty roast pig’s knee, it’s great with traditional English fare, like pie and mash. Here in handy half-litre cans.

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