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What better way to end a grand meal (or to serve tea and cake!) than with a glass of fine, mature Sauternes. This six year old beauty has lovely white blossom and honeyed candied fruit, all underscored by crisp acidity to keep it in perfect balance.

Tasting notes: Viscous, creamy nectarine, candied orange and nutty length

Aroma: Lifted white flower, candied orange, creamy, nutty

Château Pineau du Rey is a small property, bordered on one side by the Landes forest and traversed by the Ciron river. These factors produce the ideal conditions for developing the noble rot that’s essential for making Sauternes. Officially known as botrytis cinerea, in autumn, this sought after mould punctures the skin of the grapes, so they lose moisture. Flavours become amazingly concentrated, and gain complexity too. All the grapes are picked by hand, often with many sorties through the vineyard to harvest just at the right time. At Pineau du Rey, the vines are 35 years old, which adds to this wine’s concentration. A blend of Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle, this delectable Sauternes is divine with foie gras or a fruit tart.

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