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Kay Gees Off Licence

Appleton Estate 8 Year Reserve Rum 70cl

Appleton Estate 8 Year Reserve Rum 70cl

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Appleton Estate 8 Year Reserve is a single estate aged Jamaican rum, taking inspiration from the vibrancy of Jamaica, its land and the joyful nature of its people. This blend of pot and column still rums aged for a minimum of 8 years is made with Jamaican limestone-filtered water and no added flavours. Expect aromas of spicy fruit and oak, followed by hints of honey and vanilla. Ideal sipping neat of in a cocktail.

Mai Tai

  • 35ml Appleoton Estate 8YO Reserve
  • 25ml Fresh Lime Juice
  • 15ml Orange Curacao
  • 15ml Orgeat
  • Garnish with a lime sheel and mint spring
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